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Who Owns America?

Increasingly, the Federal Reserve does.

Want to know why you've been locked down for three months with a fake pandemic that kills almost nobody, lost your job and about to lose you mortgage?

Look no further than here:

And, here:

You know how you've enjoyed buying into the stock market in the last few months while some name-brand companies are selling at a discount? Well, you're not the only one.

The purpose of the Banking Act of 1932, often referred to as The Glass-Steagall Act, was to restrict the Federal Reserve to buying only Government issued Treasury bonds and restrict it from investing in, i.e., buying up, the entire rest of the economy with their vast sums of self-printed un-backed fiat money and the massive gold reserves they took over from the US Treasury.

That seemed to be working fine for 66 years until Deep State, bank-owned Bill Clinton signed

the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act in 1999 and repealed it.

Now the privately-owned cartel of banks, which make up the Federal Reserve System, in addition to creating trillions out of thin air with their Qualitative Easing program, is quietly buying up, not only most of the US National Debt, as usual, but corporate bonds, as well.

They started out buying $750 Billion worth of Corporate Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), which include Mortgage-backed securities, corporation bonds and junk bonds, and they're expanding the program. You may remember 2008 when big banks like Goldman Sachs and the now-deceased Lehman Brothers were trading in Mortgage-backed securities, which crashed the economy and for which we had to bail them out with a trillion in taxpayer money. It wasn't actually taxpayer money, though, it was imaginary money created by the Fed, for which we now hold the bill - part of our $125 TRILLION National Debt.

Here's a look at the Fed's holdings from their Balance Sheet, published in 2015. Those are Trillions of dollars.

So if you thought an under-regulated Goldman Sachs was a scary thought in 2008, you haven't seen anything yet. The Fed hasn't been audited since Ike Eisenhower was President. I'm sure you remember him.

The Fed plays around with calling themselves an "Agency" or a public/private bank, but that's all bullshit. It is completely and privately owned, like any other bank. All of the branch banks in the Federal Reserve System - New York, St. Louis, etc., are all privately owned banks. Who owns them? No one knows for sure - it's a tightly held secret, but the Federal Reserve Act signed into law in 1913 was written by representatives of all the major banks in New York at the time, and they are its owners.

Authors Eustace Mullins and Gary Kah reported that the top eight stockholders of the New York Fed were, in order from largest to smallest as of 1983, Citibank, Chase Manhattan, Morgan Guaranty Trust, Chemical Bank, Manufacturers Hanover Trust, Bankers Trust Company, National Bank of North America, and the Bank of New York. Together, these banks owned about 63 percent of the New York Fed’s outstanding stock. Mullins then showed that many of these banks are owned by about a dozen European banking organizations, mostly British, and most notably the Rothschild banking dynasty.

So if you thought an under-regulated Goldman Sachs was a scary thought in 2008, you haven't seen anything yet. The Fed hasn't been audited since Eisenhower was President. I'm sure you remember him. on our money - all our money in circulation - every penny, dollar and byte since 1913. Tens of billions per year. No one knows how much they really make or what they do with it, but if you were making $50 Billion a year for the last 107 years, I have a feeling you and your partners in the bank would have long ago bought up all the news media and tv stations. Now you know why the mainstream media tells you crap. They're told to by their owners.

We're all dancing on the strings of these puppeteers who rule our money supply and our debt, who alone without input from the Congress or White House determine our monetary policy. It doesn't matter who's in the White House, these people run our country lock, stock and barrel. So, you can stop fighting over getting Trump in or out of the White House in 2020. It doesn't matter. We're owned by foreign banking dynasties - the same families that own The Bank of England and the Central Banks in almost every other country.

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