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Welcome to the Machine

The smartest people I know have no interest in questioning the current status quo. None whatsoever. They send me jokes about it. Memes. The lighter side of the news. We all laugh conspiratorially at the jokes because we all get them with little to no explanation needed. They are jokes about censorship and conformity and how we're all obeying authority and ignoring reality, which will lead to our demise. Here's a good example:

Yet, we still mount the treadmill depicted in the picture.

Sending slightly humorous or poignant memes is as far as we'll go. And why?

Because we are smart. Because we have worked diligently, without rest, our entire lifetimes - over decades - to build our positions - no matter how tenuous. We may not be wealthy, but we have built families, we pay our mortgages on time always. We feed our children, we give them hope, we keep them safe and well taken care of.

We are not going to now stick our necks out to get our heads hacked off by our overlords at Twitter, Google or Facebook, or by the government, nor to be vilified by the mass of people at our jobs or on-line, who lack the intelligence, discipline and hard work required to succeed in their own lives. And what possible gain would be made by our risking our lives and livelihoods to suddenly reveal the truth. No one will change his or her behavior. No one's ability to success or fail will be changed by our insights. In a word, no one cares.

"They were just following orders," everyone says of the so-called Nazi guards at Auschwitz. They were just following orders is the phrase we use to explain it to ourselves. Actually they were just like us - saving their own necks from the social guillotine. And when you have children, a family to support, isn't that justification enough?

It doesn’t make it right or any less vile, but it is the justification. For this reason, you won’t get any help today from the monied class - from the mass of professionals and University educated white-collar workers. There's no help coming. Sure there are a few dissident voices still to be found on social media - none in the mainstream media. From the successful upper middle classes and the "celebrity-class," you’ll get slogans and donations of funds for misguided causes - BLM leaps to mind. This mouth service and these tax reducing donations are ever present and are intended to show that they’re “down” with the cause, they've got your back, they're supporting openness and honesty and the Bill of Right. But it won’t change a thing.

You are on your own against the machine. The machine will win. Big government, the surveillance state, the Tech Oligarchs, Big Pharma and their drug war, oppression, the taking of your rights and liberty. There will be no end in sight, and no help is coming.

Welcome to the machine.

These conflicts usually end in some sort of bloody revolution or global war, but that is a long way off. The patient - you, the state, the planet - will be hemorrhaging for a long time to come - slowly bleeding out.

The last conflagration of this size ended with two nuclear weapons being dropped on innocent, unsuspecting civilians and a Cold War that lasted 75 years and is arguably still going on. Then there are the "hot" wars that have been going on during the same time period, which flare up all around the globe with the usual suspects always involved and costing the world another few million dead bodies.

This, and worse, is what we have to look forward to. So keep protecting your own neck. Don't speak out. Don't complain. Comply. Do what you're told. Mount the treadmill into the sausage grinder. Let the others go first. Preserve your family as long as you can and hope for the day of victory and the next peaceful lull. What else it to be done?

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