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At an alarming rate. Here are the stats since end of December 2020. These are only for nursing homes and hospitals that are required adverse side effects and deaths to the FDA through the VEARS web site.

810 deaths and 5351 adverse reactions (serious side effects) reported.

Download the data at www.vaers.hhs.gov

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This is the actual list of FDA side effects (adverse reactions) they've alerted hospitals and nursing homes about. The watered down bullshit list you get on the Vax authorization form is one tenth of this. Here's the real list, including DEATH. When you sign the authorization form, you're signing away your rights (or your family's rights) to sue no matter the outcome. Share this list.

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A restaurant worker in New York has been fired for not getting the vaccine. Since she's planning to have children, and the vaccine has never been tested, no one knows what effect it might have on her, but she got fired anyway.

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