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The Obesity Pandemic

"Every critical care specialist attending COVID-19 patients in the intensive care unit where I have been filling in as an intensive care physician for the past two weeks makes the same observation: Our patients seem almost universally obese, while most ill but stable patients elsewhere in the hospital have lower body masses. Critical care doctors in other parts of the country, as well as my colleagues in Europe, report seeing the same thing."

So, what is the Coronavirus News Network (CNN) and CBS, ABC, NBC, MSNBC and the wire services (AP) selling us?

Answer: Economic shutdown over a Global Pandemic that could kill millions.

When in fact, coronaviruses have been around for years. This is not a pandemic. The common cold is in fact a coronavirus. Covid-19 is a new strain of an existing virus, which has been around for a long time. There is growing evidence that it didn't evolve or mutate naturally. It was probably developed in a bio-weapons lab in, you guessed it, Wuhan, China. One of the workers - not a bat, probably got infected with it and spread it to other people in the Wuhan food market, which is only 300 yards from the bio-weapons lab.

Most healthy people do not die from Covid-19, just like most healthy people do not die from the flu. And also just like the flu, we can expect that a number of Americans per year will die from Covid, just like 43,000 Americans die every year from car crashes and close to 400,000 Americans die every year from Alcohol and drug abuse.

The obese seem to be the ones dying from Covid-19. And why not? Their bodies are already dying. Their on-board immunity systems are in complete freefall. A flu bug comes along, and it's enough to put them in intensive care.

No surprise there. I have sympathy for people suffering from obesity with the way the food and drug industrial complex has been pushing fat-free, sugar-infused lifestyle on these people, the fast-food culture in the US, and the stress-filled environment we live in, but is this any reason to shut down the economy, destroy small businesses and push those of us who take care of our health out of our jobs? Of course not. So, why is it happening?

For one simple reason: The Main Stream Media, backed by Bill Gates and Big Pharma has taken this new flu bug and blown it all out of proportion for 1.) high ratings, 2.) discredit President Trump by destroying the economy, and 3.) to sell us Universal vaccines to the tune of $20 Billion dollars per year in profits.

It's opportunism in the most disgusting way.

The Democratic Party and all the people who I know, who are devoted Dems, have stated, 'We'll get Trump out of office by any means necessary.' And they're using this opportunity to do it. Screw your job, screw your small business. These people have an agenda and rolling over 10 or 15 million Americans' jobs in the process is of no concern to them. The leadership behind the Dem party are all millionaires. They don't give a damn about your $100k / year job. You can survive on handout checks and unemployment while they rid you of President Trump.

Make no mistake. This is a coup d'etat, with the Dems, CNN and the other Main Stream Media, their backers, Big Pharma, the roe v. wade crowd and Bill Gates behind it. And let's face it, they all work hand in hand. The vaccine industry uses aborted human fetal tissue in their vaccines and in development of their vaccines. They need the Dems and roe v. wade. They need the body parts by the truckload. There are as many as 1 million abortions of healthy fetuses per year in the US. That's nearly 3000 per day every day of the year. Big Pharma needs the Dems in control of the Congress, the White House and the Supreme Court. If they lose Roe v. Wade, they lose their steady stream of aborted tissue, which they want to pump into your arm for $20 Billion in profits every year. The Democratic Party supporters think they're supporting women's rights, but they're really being duped into supporting this body parts industry. No one knows how much Planned Parenthood makes on selling aborted body parts to the vaccine industry, but their profits are over $1 Billion per year.

The media is pushing crap food on us to promote weak people with compromised immune systems and obesity, and then they're telling us 24/7 that the answer is to put ourselves in the hands of Big Pharma and the Medical Industry to fix us with their vaccines and drugs, which once you're on them, you're on them for life or until you die prematurely from the next flu bug or heart attack, whichever comes first.

You have to get off the merry-go-round. Stop watching and reading the mainstream media. Stop believing in the fantasy of the Medical-Industrial Complex. Take control of your own bodies and minds and heal yourself.

CNN and the other media outlets have set up a double-bind for President Trump. Regardless of what you think of the man or his administration. He can do no right. If he moves to quickly to take action, he's a Fascist Dictator; if he moves to cautiously, he's a weak weenie, as my sister wrote to me. He's walking a tightrope, with the two ends held up by Big Pharma and the Democratic House.

Stop this nonsense. Demand your local petit tyrants in their Governors' mansions open up your state, stop the lockdown and get the economy moving again. It's every person's responsibility to take care of his or her own health and put good food in their bodies. Start taking some personal responsibility, and this flu bug won't harm you.

Ask yourself, 'why is Bill Gates and the CDC pushing for keeping the economy closed for 18 months while they develop a Covid vaccine?' Has the flu vaccine wiped out the flu? No. 60,000 Americans die from it each year, a lot of them vaccinated. This is a scam. Shut it down.

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