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The Feudal City-States of America

What we're witnessing as an offshoot of the Coronavirus is the wet dream come true of petit demagogues like Bill De Blasio, Eric Garcetti, Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer, as they turn the City-States they've been elected to administer into their own personal Feudal fiefdoms.

We the people, are reduced to the status of their obedient Subjects; no longer citizens with rights guaranteed by the Constitution of 1789, wrought by our forefathers blood, sweat and tears in the former Republic, once known as the United States of America. Sounds funny to say it now - almost nostalgic.

We never appreciated the rights protected by the Constitution of 1789 until they were gone, but isn't that how it goes sometimes.

Now, like the Kings of Feudal Germany or the Holy Roman Empire, we have royal decrees coming down to us from the local King, informing us on a daily basis what our rights are to be for that day or for the next week or two, and we are to adhere to these fiat decrees or be thrown into jail by jackbooted, shotgun and machine gun carrying, door-kicking Palace Guards.

Our livelihoods have been taken away. We now belong to the land like the feudal serfs of old. The local King or Queen or Baron provides us with food and shelter, and in return we serve his or her objectives and, if asked, fight in their wars against other city-states that would take us from our Lord. We live under the beautiful shelter and provision of these august Royals, we trust what they tell us, as they control the news media, and we are grateful for their compassion and endowment.

And, just like Kings of old, they've released some of the prisoners they hold in their dungeons as a wonderful show of benevolence and humanity, and we stand in awe as these hardened criminals come among us and murder our neighbors, never calling out the King's mistake bequeathed to us by Royal Fiat. We are, indeed, ever grateful and never pointing out the lack of the Emperor's New Clothes.

Now we must support our local Duchy, as he or she petitions the once-powerful leader of the former Republic for the fiat currency printed in the name of all of us, backed by nothing, with which they will feed, house and clothe us, and we musn't question where does this wealth come from, for we are unable to feed ourselves, as is our lot as Serfs of the Empire.

We belong to the land, and we're grateful to be a part of something so much bigger than ourselves. We bow our heads in gratitude and do as we are told.

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