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Suburban 'Bubble-Kids' And 'Hate Speech'

Only the Suburb-raised 'Bubble Kids' at an American University Could Label Ben Shapiro a Hateful White Supremacist (Link to the article, below).

This pathetic narrow mindedness and aversion to so-called "hate speech” on the part of American University students is an extension of the Suburban bubble in which most of them have been raised.

To quote the recently passed Neil Peart from the song, Subdivisions:

Sprawling on the fringes of the city

In geometric order

An insulated border

In-between the bright lights

And the far, unlit unknown

Growing up, it all seems so one-sided

Opinions all provided

The future pre-decided

Detached and subdivided

In the mass-production zone

American colleges today are big businesses employed by upper middle-class suburbanites to continue the coddling and supervision of their adolescent children well into what used to be called adulthood.

Most of these kids stay in school and never join the serious adult world of earning a living until they're closer to 30 than 20. The "safe spaces" and fear of "hate-speech" prevalent in these young adult daycare centers is just an extension of the no sharp edges daycare center the same kids were dropped off at from the ages of 6 months to 5 years old, and they're still in there 25 years later.

These "children" weren't raised by their parents. They were raised by well-meaning, exhausted and not overly motivated surrogates, who were just trying to keep peace and order and get through the day. These youngsters were then indoctrinated in government schools from K through 12th grade and repeatedly indoctrinated to memorize and regurgitate the government-approved lessons drilled into them for eight hours a day. There was no diversity of ideas, which is the only diversity that actually matters. There was no place for critical thinking. There was no debate or free thinking. There was order and rules and pre-packaged lessons and homework. If kids attempt to think outside of that small, regulated box, they are branded ADHD or with some other label from the DSM-5 and put on years-long prescriptions for Adderall or Ritalin - amphetamines.

This society is perfectly designed to create the factory workers needed by the Industrial Revolution, which has now evolved into producing cubicle-boys and girls for the Information Age.

Cubey-boys, who are happy to sit in well-ordered, square, beige cubes all day long and stare at a screen, with nonstop access to mind-numbing bagels, cookies and doughnuts - often provided free of charge. They're schedule is fixed for them - just like at the Daycare Center/Secondary School/University. Begin at 9am, doughnuts at 10, regimented lunch breaks, tightly-controlled and trained work constraints and no room for thinking of diversity of ideas. It's a perfect system if you want a society of automatons, who seek order, security and "safe spaces" free from so-called "hate-speech," which is just a euphemism for ideas contrary to the indoctrinated norm.

It's a perfect system for creating socialism - for producing people who want top down rules and directions and who seek security above all else, above personal goals or ambition, above self-direction and self fulfillment. They seek authority figures at every turn, who can tell them what to do - should I wear a mask and stay home? The authority figures say, yes. Why question it. The concept and the expectation of Inalienable human rights were forgotten long ago in the Daycare and Kindergarten.

How dare a thinker like Ben Shapiro come into our bubble and challenge our preconceived notions? We're so safe and happy here - "opinions all provided." There's no need for outside ideas, no patience for it.

And now Harvard University and other socialist indoctrination centers are attacking the last vestige of free thinking - home schooling. How dare we let these last renegade children escape the indoctrination centers? They need to be brought into the fold, microchipped, cubified, dehumanized and put on heavy doses of ritalin, immediately.

A final thought.

There is no such thing as "hate speech." If the First Amendment doesn't protect the speech you hate, then it protects nothing. Speech you like, with which you agree partially or completely needs no protection.

Dear members of the Syracuse University Student Association,

Decubify yourselves. Be brave. Stand up and listen to ideas. Any and all ideas. Learn to think and to judge those ideas. You don't have to accept them, and you don't have to banish them. The bad ideas need the light of day (like the Coronavirus), so they can melt away. Yes, it will be uncomfortable for a while, but it will serve you for the rest of your lives.

I was recently at a College Campus and noticed the 5 MPH signs on every road anywhere near the campus. Safe spaces. Guess what? The whole world is not going to slow down to 5 MPH for you to walk around in your happy bubble. It's a dangerous world out there, and you need to learn to defend yourself against it. Your caretakers taking away all sharp edges when you're 25-years-old is taking away your ability to learn and grow beyond the Daycare Center in which you've lived your entire lives.

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