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Racism Doesn't Fix Racism

it only perpetuates it.

No one I know or associate with is racist, so why does the Media, Big Business and the Government keep forcing it down our throats at the behest of racist fringe groups like BLM and Antifa?

Is this an agenda to divide us?

Certainly the Dems are pushing racism like never before to try and prove (in the media) that Trump is a racist and the country can't have peace so long as he is in office.

Who are the racists? The corporations and government functionaries forcing you to not be racist, whether you need it or not.

This is a false narrative. Stop promoting policies based on race in government and business, also known as Racist Policies.

It starts in childhood. You're dumped in front of the idiot box (now the Internet) to absorb 10 hours per day of nonsensical flashy, colorful commercials to make you crave Frosted Flakes ("They're great!"), McDonald's Happy Meals, and 3 Musketeers Bars, then when you get older you're conditioned to sit there for hours a day and listen to ads from Big Pharma, "Ask your doctor if you need Humira."

Most people don't have any clue that their mind is being controlled 100% by big business advertising and the government.

You put garbage food in your bodies for 20 years and then you let Big Pharma and their doctors, with the help of Congress, to fill you full of immune system-destroying vaccines and put you on multiple prescription meds for life to deal with your obesity, diabetes, acid reflux, insomnia and anxiety. And then your country looks like total garbage and dystopia, like this:

And, like this:

The Matrix movie wasn't fiction, it was metaphor for how you let your mind be controlled by 24 hours news and pseudo-government private for-profit corporations, masquerading as government agencies, like the CDC and The Federal Reserve. It's not fiction. It's real life, presented in a palatable pill. Take the red pill and wake up.

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