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Market For Liberty

Since Democrat State Governors and Mayors are blowing smoke now about cities without police forces, I'm reminded of the great book I read last year, Market For Liberty, by Morris and Linda Tannehill.

This is what Minneapolis looks like now. These are the images of "The American Dream" gone rotten that are now being beamed around the world. The American Century is over. It looks like Syria after a few drone strikes.

In Market For Liberty, the authors point out how private enterprise and a free market system can provide whatever services we all assume the government can only or should only supply, and private enterprise can do it at a much fairer price and without corruption.

The states and cities should do away with Government police forces immediately, as well as, government-run healthcare, schools, jails and housing.

But who will provide these essential services? Will our children not be taken care of, not be taught in schools?

Of course they will. If you value your children's healthcare and schooling. You're already losing 30% of your paycheck and getting almost nothing in return. Why not keep that money and pay the doctors, hospitals and schools of your own choosing?

Everyone assumes the government has an unlimited supply of cash to provide all these basic necessities. It doesn't. Our Federal government is bankrupt and borrowing billions of dollars per day from the Federal Reserve Bank - a private enterprise - that's right, a private bank. A group of private banks, actually, which are owned by the wealthiest individuals on Earth, whose names you don't know.

Ironically, the government, which is borrowing $Billions every day from private banks can only provide these "essential" services by expropriating your money to pay for it, i.e., stealing, your hard-earned money through an unending and ever-growing list of taxes.

If there are no police, truly, no government police forces, do you think criminals will stop robbing and raping? Of course not. So, the private sector would step in to fulfill your need for an essential service.

Private police forces would spring up in every city in America and compete for your business. If they abused you, they'd be out of business immediately. All you'd have to do is look them up on Yelp to see this:

Along with a long list of reviews saying they're thugs. They'd quickly be out of business.

The problem with government housing, policing, jails, schools, etc., is that they have an absolute monopoly or near monopoly in the case of schools, for the services they offer. No one is allowed to compete with the Minneapolis Police Force to provide better, more cost-effective, more humane policing. And that is the problem.

Of course, these Dem governors and mayors don't actually mean it. They're not about to open the flood gates for competition to the monopolies for which they have King- and Queen-like control. They'd lose all their power.

They're just posturing, virtue-signaling. What they really mean is they're going to show how Black-oriented they are by threatening to disband the PD in an effort to garner black votes. It's a lie. It's bullshit of the finest vintage, and of course, again, they're trying to get you to vote Trump out of office in November. That's all this is. Unfortunately. Destroy the economy, let the cities burn, and then blame it on Trump.

How wonderful would it be if private businesses could actually be free in our so-called free market economy to provide competitive prices for the high quality services we all need. That is the next step in the evolution of our economy. Unfortunately, we'll never get there. We're stuck laboring like serfs under these Local Oligarchs, as they posture on the red carpet, wearing no clothes.

Here's some images of posturing for your entertainment.

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