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Mandatory Vaccines Coming

The Massachusetts Legislature has two bills pending to wipe out vaccine exemptions for medical or religious reasons. California has wiped out 'personal belief' exemptions. Virginia has announced that COVID vaccines will be compulsory, i.e., can be administered by force against your will.

Here are the states that still have exemptions

Here are some of the laws enacted limiting your right to choose. There are more in the article at

Enacted Legislation 2019

  • Washington House Bill 1638 removes the personal belief exemption for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine requirement for public schools, private schools and day care centers.

  • Maine House Bill 586 removes personal and religious belief exemptions for public school immunization requirements.

  • New York Senate Bill 2994 removes the religious exemption for public school immunization requirements.

Enacted Legislation 2017

  • Indiana House Bill 1069 adds meningitis to the required immunizations a student enrolling in a residential campus of an approved postsecondary educational institution must be immunized against. 

  • Utah House Bill 308 requires the Department of Health to create an online education module regarding certain preventable diseases; amends the grounds for exemptions from required vaccines; requires the renewal of a student's vaccination exemption under certain conditions; create a new vaccination exemption form; allows for the vaccination exemption form to be completed online in conjunction with the education module and discontinues the practice of allowing local health departments to vaccinate students and recover costs.

Here's an example of what the state can forcibly inject into your child or you against your will. This is the current flu vaccine ingredients. Covid vaccine will be similar or worse:

Note, Mercury is so toxic that it's a federal crime to throw Mercury on someone, but the state can forcibly inject it into your child. How do you feel about that?

Here's some more yummy ingredients the state will forcibly inject into you:


How you like that?

Just like you're forced to take a piss test now to get a lot of jobs or contracts, a year from now, you'll get a job offer with a letter to take to your local health clinic to get a required COVID vaccine - or no job, no contract. That's the new normal.

Bill Gates and the WHO want to vaccinate all 7 billion people on the planet. They want to inject everyone on earth with a live Covid virus, or at least what they say is a live Covid virus since no lab on earth has ever successfully isolated and filtered a virus they can prove to be Covid-19, SARS-2, whatever you want to call it.

If they test and immunize 90% of the U.S., that's nearly 300 Million people. Big Pharma and the Gates Foundation, the current patent holders will charge your insurance company and Medicaid anywhere from $1000 to $5000 to do so times 300 Million people.

At $2000 per person, they stand to earn around $600 BILLION dollars in revenue on an injection that requires no costs for marketing or testing, so it's mostly profit. The so-called Doctors on the CDC Immunization panel to approve untested vaccines hold some of those patents and will make billions.

And you immune system will be forever weakened by the ingredients above and will be forever more susceptible to every invader from toxic foods and water to cancer. Your elected officials are bought and paid for by Big Pharma. The people you've elected to speak for you are making this happen right now. A year from now you may not be able to board a plane or apply/accept a job and your children will not be allowed to attend any school or daycare without proof of injection. And it may require more than one round - it may be annual, which means they make $600 Billion per year forever - just in the U.S.

This is the biggest scam in history. Get educated. As soon as the information becomes available, I'll post the countries that do not require vaccines, so you can board the last flights out of here before it's too late.

The CDC is already laying the ground work for forced vaccines:

Dr. Fauci has stated publicly that the US population won't be forced to have vaccines and he's right.

You can opt out - opt out of jobs, schools, daycares, air travel, public parks and beaches, restaurants, etc.

This lockdown is just a trial run for what is coming. Right now, you're required to wear a mask on any commercial airline for the entire flight. An entire family was removed from a flight this week because their two year old wouldn't keep his mask on. I know my 3-year-old won't, so I guess we can't fly now.

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