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Making Ourselves Sick

Japan, one of the most densely populated countries in the world was never on full lockdown like the US and Britain and yet had much lower covid cases and supposed covid deaths. Japan also has the highest percentage of old people and more people over 100 years of age than anywhere else on Earth. So why didn't they all die?

Could it be because of a healthy lifestyle?

I lived in Tokyo for a year and have been there dozens of times. In Tokyo, you walk. You catch the amazingly fast and convenient trains that go all over the massive expanse of Tokyo, and then you walk.

And you eat great, healthy food, which is prepared in small shops and restaurants with great care - as you can imagine if you've ever seen an expert sushi chef preparing your food.

Here in America, we never walk. We're in our cars - especially in California, for hours a day, and what are we doing in there? Eating garbage - coke, fries and a burger (or two). We're obese, and the data is coming out that obese people are..., wait for it, uhm, SICK.

And, they have a severely depressed immune system, which can succumb to ailments that a non-obese person, who has a strong immune system, can withstand. We're killing ourselves with this - the line for In 'N Out Burger during a health crisis.

Reports are coming out all over the world now that the people who were reported dead from the covid flu were actually suffering from a long list of (often self-induced) ailments, like Diabetes, Obesity, Emphysema, etc. They didn't die from a flu bug. They died from being sick and destroying their own bodies. How many prescribed medications were these people already on before they went into the hospital? Probably a lot.

Most of them were probably already under a doctor's care. What can be said of the medical community when their patients, supposedly under the expert care of a doctor, are the ONLY ones who succumb to a new flu bug and die? It says that the medical-pharma-industrial complex is keeping you sick, and when some new strain of flu comes along, you're in jeopardy of dying from it. The people who avoid doctors and the whole medical industry and avoid prescription drugs are, you know... healthy and have nothing to worry about.

So what is the medical-industrial-pharma complex doing to us? Keeping us sick.

What is the fast food lifestyle doing to us? Keeping us sick.

Never mind. Just relax and have a burger.

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