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"It's your conspiracy theory."

Check out these clips in the USA yesterday. The media wants you to believe these are "protest" clips, when in fact, they are just clips of Americans exercising their rights to, um, leave their homes.

At :31 seconds in, the guys says it perfectly, "It's YOUR conspiracy theory."

The idea that there is an invisible, deadly, highly contagious virus spreading around the world from some wet market bat in Wuhan, China either accidentally or as a strategic release from a weapons lab there IS NOT SCIENCE. It is a conspiracy theory.

No scientific paper has proven that they can isolate or reproduce symptoms using the SARS-2 / COVID-19 virus. They can't isolate it in a lab. The Mainstream Media is spreading lies about this possible new flu bug, and the petit tyrants in charge of our local governments are using to push their own agendas - primarily to discredit the Republican Party and President Trump.

The rest of the world gets their news, sadly, from the US wire service, AP, and from CNN, which has a liberal anti-Trump agenda, clearly.

The Conspiracy Theory of Covid-19 is the problem. You leaving your home and seeing healthy, locked up citizens, who are forced to wear masks and arrested for attempting to speak to one another is not a theory. That is the reality. Trust your own gut. Do you see a global pandemic. It's invisible. It's a Conspiracy Theory.

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