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"Free" Enterprise

Are we teaching the principles of Free Enterprise and a Free Market Economy in American schools?

Are we teaching young people how to make a living in order to be successful in our country and in the World?

Are we teaching them that in a free market economy they must have something of value - some good or service to sell in the Marketplace?

Your labor is capital - maybe the only captial you possess. It is a service you can sell to an employer in a free and open marketplace. If all you have is manual labor to sell, there's nothing wrong with that, but you're competing with the millions of other people around the world who also have manual labor to sell and at a much lower wage.

What we're seeing in riots and looting all over our country this week is slavery. Not brought about by the bogeymen of systemic racism or white privilege or police brutality against blacks, but slavery in a free market system in which a large part of our population - especially the minority and young part, who cannot compete, who have virtually nothing to sell.

If all you have to sell is a basic good, like manual labor, you need to add value to that good. You need education, training, degrees, certificates and licenses to practice skills that the market demands, and for which the market will pay a higher price.

It's obvious you need and/or want stuff. We all do. Need/want/desire is what drives the free market engine. Do you get what you want this way?

By stealing it under the guise of protest?

Or, do you add value to your labor proposition?

Our schools, our Universities, our elite Liberal think tanks, our Democratic Party Leaders are teaching young black males that they don't have to add value to themselves, that it's a waste of time.

The system is rigged against them. Whites will never give you what you want. You're not invited to the party. Police will kill you if you try to do anything. You are owed millions of dollars in reparations from all of us, your former slave masters. Your parents and grandparents were redlined into ghettos or lower income communities, so the fix is in. You can never catch up, so don't try. Don't join the free market, fight against it. Try to destroy it. "Burn it down." If you join any market, join the black market and sell illicit drugs and guns.

This is a false narrative, and it's destroying our country from the inside out.

A Free Market economy and Democracy says that what is free is the equality of opportunity. People in Suburbia know all too well the sacrifices they've had to make, the dedication and hard work it took for them to move up through the ladder of free enterprise as employees and/or entrepreneurs so that they could start to enjoy the wealth of this country from a highly-mortgaged home in a leafy tree-lined suburb. This includes millions of minorities and immigrants. The door is wide open if you have the skills and dedication to hard work to take you there, which brings us back to the schools.

The High Schools and the Universities in this country are teaching rage, hate and jealousy without even realizing it. The teachers and administrators are interested in furthering their own virtue signalling and liberal agenda. They want to be loved. Most of them also know little about making money in the free market economy, that's why they're teachers.

We have to start teaching kids that if they want a pair of Nike's, they need to exchange their own goods and services to get it, and that we all, as Americans, want nothing less than that for them.

We have to stop spewing hate. We have to stop dividing the country over political lines to remove a President we don't like at the cost of an entire generation of young people. Look at your own motives. Is bringing down an elected President, who is just one person in a massive government bureaucracy worth destroying your whole country?

Are we enslaving an entire generation?

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