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Crazy Horse #4

The Covid Panic of 2020 - Lessons Learned, Part 1

So what have we learned from the Covid Panic of 2020?

Here’s a short list of some lessons learned. Feel free to add your own in the comments.

1. America’s tech workers don’t need to be penned up in dehumanizing cubicles and fed a constant diet of bagels, doughnuts and cookies. They can effectively work from home without the need for plantation overseers standing over them with a whip and extracting the next spreadsheet out of them. Remote working and Zoom meetings are here to stay. This will save businesses billions over the long haul. Most tech workers already knew this, and now it’s undeniable. Probably 90 percent of the white collar work force can do their jobs from a beach in Thailand or a coffee shop in Costa Rica, and they’d be a thousand percent happier, more productive and a whole lot healthier. Of course, this would put the Medical-Pharma-Industrial Complex into a panic, so they’ll start promoting everyone get back to the office. Healthy, happy people with strong immune systems would wreck their business model, so they won’t let it happen. Expect a major bug or security leak to attack Zoom servers in the next few weeks. This won’t be from Russia or China. Well, it may be, but it will be given to some foreign agent by the CIA to undermine the confidence in remote work and get everyone back into their cubey pens.

2. Facebook and Alphabet company - Google and YouTube - are the Silicon Valley extensions of the Democratic National Party and the Medical-Pharma-Industrial Complex, and they will expand their efforts of extreme censorship over anything not matching the Democrat slash Big Pharma platform.

What else have we learned?

3. The Democratic National Party will do anything to undermine President Trump and remove him from office, even it means wrecking the economy and putting 22 million Americans on welfare and unemployment. They control the mainstream media with backing from Big Pharma, Bill Gates and the Medical-Industrial complex. The believe that by destroying the economy and taking away your businesses and your jobs, they can get your vote. And even if they don’t get your vote, they don’t care, they want power and control and the White House. Even if they lose the next ten elections, they don’t really care. They’re controlling the economy, and that’s what they really want. Democrats think they’re supporting women’s rights but are actually providing 1 million fetuses a year to the vaccine companies by making abortion clinics critical businesses that need to stay open. Most Democrats are suckers. They’re duped into doing this by the Pharma companies keeping up a constant stream of propaganda that if they don’t support abortion, they’re cavemen. And it’s working like a charm. Most Democrats are totally brainwashed.

4. The CIA and FBI knew Covid came from a weapons lab in Wuhan, China weeks if not months ago, and they this information to the New York Times, and the so-called ‘paper of record’ of the United States of America refused to print it. The New York Times is a Democrat commy rag committed to removing Trump from office no matter the truth, no matter the consequences to the American economy or it’s people. They won’t print that information because they don’t want to shift the blame to China. They want to keep it focused on Trump.

5. CNN alternatively blames President Trump for being a weak leader on not moving fast enough to lockdown our movement and rights AND at the same time, implying that he’s a dictator and overstepping his powers for trying to force the States to open up too quickly. Which is it? Is he a weak leader or an overstepping strong man? Well, it depends on which hour you tune into CNN. Why would anyone trust CNN after this.

As Elon Musk stated: “What I find most surprising is that CNN still exists.”

If you’re still tuning in to CNN, you’re asking to be brainwashed. You’re willingly stepping up to the matrix and taking the blue pill to continue your pretend existence. Don’t do it. You have all the worlds’ information at your fingertips. You can Google it while it’s still legal for private citizens to go on the Internet.

What else?

6. Bill Gates thinks he’s god. He wants to get everyone microchipped and require universal vaccinations, which he just so happens to own and make billions from. He’s invested in all the Big Pharma Vaccine companies. He’s building 7, yes seven, new Vaccine research facilities. This can only end with a push for mandatory vaccines required to get or use your Passport or renew your Driver’s License. What a humanitarian he is. A well-researched and footnoted document has been released, and I already posted it, outlining his abusive vaccine trials in the poorest parts of rural India and Africa on children with no parental consent, sometimes resulting in death and crippling diseases like Polio. All in the name of making money and getting control over what he sees as over-population of the planet. This is scary science, and he looks like such a nice guy in interviews. Maybe he means well. I don’t know, but he’s using his billions to take over your life.

What else have we learned?

7. Politicians rushed a 2 Trillion Dollar relief package through the Congress and sent most of the money to themselves. I posted a story from the New York Post how over 43,000 US Millionaires will receive “stimulus” checks averaging over $1.6 Million each. These are individuals - powerful real estate investors and hedge fund managers. There’s no money left for the mom and pop businesses with ten employees who are going under as we speak and sending millions of people home with no way to pay their bills and mortgages. Nearly 1 Trillion Dollars, half the stimulus package is already directed towards big business and government. The other half that’s supposed to go the taxpayers is slowly being whittled away.

8. You are being duped. Remember the Boston Tea Party? Remember Lexington and Concord? Did you pay attention that day in History class? We threw out the British nearly 250 years ago for overtaxing us and giving our money to the ruling elites. It’s time to do it again. This time it’s not the British, it’s our own Financial and Deep State Political Class. They’re lining their pockets with your hard-earned tax dollars and throwing you out of job while they’re doing it. It’s time to take back our country. We traded one set of ruling oligarchs for another.

What else have we learned?

9. Well, it’s coming out that you probably already have COVID-19 circulating in your blood stream right now – just like the other Coronavirus or the common cold and whatever virus gives us the flu. And you’re not sick from it. You have no symptoms, and you’re not contagious. And 99% of the people you pass it to won’t be either. This science is finally coming out. The more random people they test, the more they see everyone has it, and it’s nothing to be alarmed about. This whole COVID panic is a joke, and the scientists knew it from the start. This is a financial panic, just like 2008, just like 1929. Get over it. Go back to work. People don’t have to prove their covid-free to have the right to leave their homes. Don’t let them put us in a box like that. Stand up for your rights. You feel okay? Go back to work. You get sick, stay home. Nothing new.

That’s all I’ve got. If I missed any other lessons learned form the Covid Financial Crisis, please add them in the comments. I’ll discuss them in a future podcast. I feel sick talking about this, but the facts are the facts, and we have to face them head-on. They’re not going away unless we do something about it.

This is Crazy Horse. Thank you.

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