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Check Engine!

If you get a Check Engine warning light on your car’s dashboard, it’s totally okay to ask your mechanic to cut the wire from the engine to the warning light.

That way, that annoying little light won’t bother you anymore, and you can drive in peace.

Probably, your engine won’t seize up and die. For a while.

Your car might run like shit, but it will still get you from point A to point B. For a while anyway.

Good Advice

Does this sound like good advice to you?

Then why are you treating your body the same way?

What is pain and discomfort to your body, if not a red warning light that something is wrong? You can buy a new car or a new “used” car, but good luck finding a new (or used) body.

Americans spend 500 BILLION dollars per year, yes, half a TRILLION dollars per year, on pharmaceuticals. And what do pharmaceuticals do? Fix stuff? Nope. They are prescribed to interfere with or mask the warning signals, like pain and inflammation, that your body is sending to your brain to let you know you have a problem.

Adalimumab (Humira) is a human immunoglobulin G1 (IgG1) monoclonal antibody manufactured by AbbVie Inc. It is indicated (approved for use) for reducing signs and symptoms of RA...

In other words, you’re paying your doctors (the car mechanics of YOUR body) millions of dollars to cut the wires from your body parts to your brain to the tune of HALF a TRILLION $$ PER YEAR.

How safe do you think the roads would be if we all paid our mechanics to do that to our cars?

Only an idiot would do that to their car, or, more specifically, only an idiot would do that to their car and not expect their car to die soon. And only an idiot would be surprised when some major system on the car, like the brakes, for example, failed at an inopportune moment and killed them along with the car.

The US is responsible for HALF of all drug prescription sales on Earth. The US has a population that is 4.5% of Earth's population, which means we’re consuming more drugs than the other 95% of the people on the planet combined. Why is that? Is life in America uniquely dangerous and/or painful, like in a supposedly Third World Country? Is American life just that much more stressful than everywhere else? Maybe we’re just a nation of pussies and addicts.

The drug epidemic isn't about the number of deaths from prescription opioids, it's about the number of people walking around numb, destroying their bodies and ending up needing massively costly surgeries, including organ transplants, coronary bypass, heart transplant. The food companies love you eating all that sugary garbage, and the pharma companies are making tens of billions in profits every quarter - every three months - off of you, and the medical profession is just drooling, waiting for you to walk or crawl (or be carried) into the nearest ER so they can get their hands (and scalpels) on you. And never let you go. Once they get you, you're got. You'll be on 10 prescriptions a day until the day you die, and they'll be draining your bank account and the insurance premiums will keep going up forever.

Or, maybe we have this strange mentality in the US that we’re so rich and free of consequences that we can do to our bodies anything we want and put anything into our bodies that we like because there will always be a drug available to mask the pain that such behavior will cause us. So, we can eat loads of sugar and inflammation-causing, fattening carbs at every meal along with sugary snacks and followed by sugar-filled deserts because the inflammation and pain - the warning lights from our joints and organs, the migraines, the gas and indigestion, the diabetes can all be blocked from our consciousness by drugs, and when the body parts fail, we can call up the insurance conglomerates and get new ones.

The food and drug companies are laughing all the way to the bank.

Unfortunately, they’ve turned us into little children that eat junk and take pills to feel better, and they’re all getting rich off it. The whole medical profession knows this, and they keep letting us pay them to cut the wires. If your mechanic did that to your car, you’d fire them and sue them to make them pay for the new engine you’d need, but we worship and pay our doctors huge sums from the insurance companies to do the same thing. Go figure.

Unfortunately, these drugs also come with hugely painful and life-threatening side effects. They’re just chemicals, after all. They don’t actually do anything positive for your bodies, they just cancel out parts of your body that billions of years of evolution put in there for a reason – and that reason is to keep you a healthy and functioning auto mobile person.

Humira, the best-selling drug in America, masks inflammation that lets you know you’re not eating the right foods – so you can continue to eat junk food and drink tons of alcohol – cause you like it, but it also comes with the following lovely side effects: “Humira can cause a worsening of congestive heart failure, demyelinating disease (such as MS), a Lupus-like autoimmune disorder, or cytopenia (a deficiency of cells that make up blood, with symptoms including bruising, bleeding, or persistent fever).”

In other words, it can stop your body from making healthy blood cells. Now, I’m no doctor, but I’m guessing blood cells might be kind of important to your body’s proper functioning. Going out on a limb there. You might want to keep that particular warning light wired up. Not making blood cells might be something you want to know about.

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