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5G Trees - Part 2

Does this look like a motherfcking palm tree to you?

The shorter one is a palm tree. That tall monstrosity is a 5G Tower right off the Mulholland exit from the Southbound 405 in Sepulveda Pass.

Remember that competition they held to find the best likeness of a palm tree for the new 5G Towers? Remember how they let us know they would be installing 5G towers all over our country during lockdown and not to worry?

Me neither. Was this just an oversight? They forgot to mention it. Oh yeah, we'll be spending tens of millions of dollars to install towers that look like trees all over your country. Whoops. Slipped my mind.

Look at this Christmas tree right alongside the 405 Southbound lanes in Sepulveda Pass. I guarantee you that millions of motorists will drive by this thing and never notice it. They'll never realize they're driving by some cosmic ray emitting microwave 5G Tower (or whatever it is they're supposed to do).

If they even see it at all, they'll just think it's a cute Christmas tree, which somehow they never noticed before, which suddenly sprung up in a matter of weeks within 10 yards of the 405 freeway's slow lane.

'Hmm, never noticed that tree before. I've been driving this freeway everyday for ten years. I must be losing it.'

Once they remove the scaffolding, it will just look like any other tree. It ain't one. Zoom in on the photo. It was an unadorned 5G tower for several weeks before the Elves started applying fake leaves to it.

Here's a video of it, approaching up the hill, heading South from the Valley on the 405.

If this is nothing to be alarmed about, why has it been done during lockdown and apparently secretly?

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