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Is Anyone Fooled? 5G Trees

Since home arrest started, I've been driving on the empty 405 freeway (without a mask) near my house in West L.A. and watching them put up a massive 5G tower right next to the freeway. If these things do put out radiation, it's going to be irradiating every motorist in LA as they drive through Sepulveda Pass.

I drove by it yesterday and it was disguised as a tree. Have you seen this?

Is anyone fooled by this. I'm not saying the whole lockdown B.S. was about putting up 5G - that would sound like a conspiracy theory, but they did lock us down for a few weeks while they put up these things all over the country (world?), and now they're disguising them as trees. Just coincidence, I guess.

I'm sure all the do-gooder politicians and, of course, the mobile providers will come out and say, 'No, we're not disguising them, just trying to make them blend in with the landscape. We're being green.' Okay, what a joke.

Do these look like trees to you? Do you appreciate the fake metal Christmas trees erected in your backyards?

Whatever it is, whatever these 5G towers do to us - if anything, they're in and here to stay. Merry Xmas.

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